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Lawn Care Basics


A well-maintained lawn is a beauty for any household to have. The way you take care of your lawn will show in its appearance. Consistent care for your lawn is done by regularly mowing, watering, feeding, and aerating. If you are thinking of selling your home in the future, healthy lawn care can add value to it. If you keep these few things in mind, you will have an easy time maintaining Lincoln lawn care.


Remember first of all that mowing is something you need to do in Lincoln Hardscaping. Cut only the top height of the grass to about one-third of its total height from the ground. All the clippings should be left on the lawn as this also acts as fertilizer for the grass. This keeps the grass on your lawn fresh and in good health.


The blades on your mower need to be sharp at all times to ensure a clean cut every time. When mowing, remember not to mow in the same direction. Avoid mowing wet grass as wet grass can from clumps that become the habitat for bacteria.


When choosing a suitable mower, consider the size of your lawn, as they should be compatible for economy. A small lawn only requires a small walking mower. On the other hand, if your lawn is huge, a ride-on mower is necessary.


The next thing to remember in Lincoln lawn care is a watering. Your grass will remain green and healthy if it regularly drinks. The best time to water the grass is very early in the morning. Soak the ground in such a way that the water doesn't disappear immediately after applying.


Lincoln lawn care requires you to feed your soil. Feeding keeps the grass on your lawn greener and healthier and looking good. It is also vital to have your soil tested for nutrient deficiency. The composition of your soil and its possible material deficiencies can also be known by testing. Check out http://bladeslcc.com/ if you need a reliable lawn care company.


Spring or summer requires a different kind of fertilizer for it to become effective during that season. Summer and springtime lawn feeds have a higher concentration of nitrogen and a lower concentration of phosphates. The reverse is true for autumn fertilizers, which have less nitrogen and more phosphate components. To enhance the material composition of your soil, some additives containing fine sand, ammonium, and iron sulfate can be sprinkled on your yard to prevent weeds and moss from growing. The best time to use this is in the latter part of spring.


Lincoln lawn care also requires that your aerate your soil. In order to get more oxygen to the roots system of the grass, regularly aerating the soil is necessary.